What is the Prayer Powered Mastermind?

This 8-week group equips Mothers, who are leaders and entrepreneurs to flourish by prayerfully aligning children and businesses with God.
As a trained and licensed Prayer Powered Mastermind Facilitator,
I will lead the group through the Prayer Powered Program using the book, The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur:
31 Days to Building Your Business with Less Stress and More Joy, by Kim Avery. But this is more than just a book study or prayer group!

Here are Some of the Benefits You Can Expect

  • Start a foundational & transformational practice of operating with God as your ultimate CEO
  • Reset your personal and business compass weekly
  • Enjoy the community and companionship of like-minded, Christ-centered entrepreneurs

How does the Mastermind Group work?

In this highly personalized mastermind group, you’ll gather on Zoom once a week with 7-8 other Christ - centered leaders and entrepreneurs, who are Mothers.

Together you’ll tap into God’s vision for each of these 5 key areas of your business:

  • You, the entrepreneur
  • Your relationship with God
  • Your relationship with others
  • Your relationship with your business
  • The impact your business has in the world

PLUS develop an enjoyable and effective prayer practice that fits into the flow of motherhood and business.

What happens in a Mastermind Group?

  • Learn the importance of building your business, ministry, or team from the inside-out
  • Be encouraged as you see God working not only in your own life and business but also in the lives of others

In-between meetings, you’ll continue the growth with:

  • Access to the daily bite-sized prayer videos, promises, and prayer prompts
  • Beautifully designed downloadable prayer cards to keep in front of you throughout each day

When Is It and What Does It Cost?

Sep 7 - Oct 26, 2022
9:00pm - 10:00pm CST

EMAIL ID : hello@ronawalton.com

Registration Cost:
The Total Cost of the Prayer Powered Program is $ 197 (including book and in-person Prayer powered Brunch).

Payment Option 1: If you pay one time using the discount coupon mentioned below, you need to pay $ 147 ( $ 50 SAVING !) and also received "Free Prayer Poster"

Payment Option 2: If you want to make the payment in 2 parts, 2 payments of $99 (first due at registration / final payment in 30 days)

Participation is limited to 10.