Naomi Alabi

About Me

Hey, I’m Naomi Alabi

Founder and CEO of Street Society & Co-founder of Creators TV

It hasn’t been easy to reach here at all; with lack of resources my journey was hampered.


I always coveted to build these big things without a clue what was the path to it. 

Being a Fashion Enthusiast, I kick-started my journey in 2016 towards Entrepreneurship by building Street Society – A platform for emerging fashion entrepreneurs.

And guess what???

Your girl from Nigeria has made a mark for herself in NYC.


That’s not it; I’ve a lot to share. 


Come along to checkout my journey….


Street Society is a platform that nurtures and accelerates passionate and creative designers to turn their creative concepts into sustainable businesses. It works to uplift and develop the streetwear designers. 

With Creators TV I intend to bring out stories that that are worth celebrating.

My Story

I came to America as a teenager since then, I’ve just been like a kid in a candy store learning every aspect of culture trying to create my own American Dream. I got my first introduction into the business by interning for a wide range of entertaining companies. Once I stumbled into entrepreneurship unintentionally and the rest is history. 

I am a born problem solver and kept finding myself as a consultant and in business development roles. I kept on serving and helping entrepreneurs. I made many mistakes and had to overcome hurdles. I wanted to be an entrepreneur before it became cool and by god’s grace I caught entrepreneurship early in my life. My first few businesses absolutely failed. Now that I have a more clear vision, I can build a business from the ground up and scale it.

My Mission is to promote unseen talent into fashion from the streets and provide them a platform to showcase their ideas by turning them into businesses.